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Improved Search Facilities

Dijitalimaj now features a powerful new search engine for greater speed and more relevant search results. By using these facilities you can:

  • increase the speed of your searches
  • increase the possibbility of finding just the right image
  • improve the quality of your search results
  • use filtering options including gender, age, ethnicity, settings, image type and orientation
  • select images available on CD, model-released images.
  • make search in a special collection or photographer.

Browse vs. Search

At dijitalimaj, there is a two ways to further refine your stock imagery searces. It gives you power in your searches.

You can use standard search method by selecting Search tab. Or you can choose our new Browse tool to help you facilitate the possibbility of finding just the right image. This way is quick and easy. You will see the difference and effect on your search by obtaining more relevant results!

Browse Tips

Please select the Browse section and start out just as you would for any search. Enter one or more keywords without any punctuation marks into the Search box, then click Search button.

You can easily refine your image search in terms of license type, collection, image type, orientation, color mode and people options by using the Browse filter options.

In order to include or exclude a parameter for your imagery search, you can easily click the plus icon or the minus icon.

In the left navigation bar, You can see your search options, filters and keywords which are used to refine your search.

You can start or change your search options or criterion by clicking the Reset Browse options link.

You can easily simplify the view of navigation bar by collapsing or expanding your search options. Click on this icon to extract an item and click on this one to add an item.