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Editorial and Celebrity Picture Library

Dijital imaj is delighted to represent Industry�s top brands for editorial market. Editorial Pictures are intended for editorial use, such as in printed media or book publishings. With a photo archive of over 10 million editorial images you are sure to find exactly the right pictures to fit your needs.



Life-coverage photos from EPA

Today�s EPA Picture service is based on the broad network of EPA�s staff photographers all over the world and on the daily production of its member agencies, which are all market leaders in their respective countries. EPA archive covers news politics, sports, business, finance as well as arts, culture and entertainment.

Big Pictures

Global editorial sources from Newscom

Newscom is a marketplace for more than 25 million photos, graphics, illustrations and stories from more than 65 of the world's top publishers and content creators. Newscom offers customers one-stop access to photos, graphics, illustrations, news stories, features, analysis and commentary. Newscom delivers the story and the story behind the story.

Top international photography agency

Camera Press material includes exclusive celebrity portraits, news and features, travel and music, as well as our vast archive of royal and historical pictures. We also have a specialist lifestyle department, covering health and beauty, food, fitness, family and fashion.
Big Pictures

The BIGGEST celebrity Picture Agency

Over 5 million celebrity images, Our files include fantastic exclusives ranging from the first intimate pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to the explosive night club scenes of David Beckham with Rebecca Loos. From the romantic holiday snaps of Prince William and Kate Middleton to the stunning form of Jordan sunning herself on the beach.

Home Stories & Decoration Ideas

Inside photo is the first photographic agency specialized in interior and garden. Inside offers each month new features and new collections of single images always renewed. Home stories reveal more private side of personalities with an intimate look at their lives and homes.

The largest Stock Photo Archive

It holds the largest and most comprehensive collection of commercial and editorial photography in the world. It pioneered the concept of an unedited collection and today It offers millions of images from thousands of photographers and photo agencies worldwide.

Film & Digital Photographic Syndication

J.M.E. International specializes in "exclusive" and "non-exclusive" celebrity portraits / at homes / lifestyle stories and health, beauty and fashion cover shoots. With ten years photo experience we are sure we can accommodate your magazine with exciting, beautiful, innovative shots.

From photojournalism to real

Aurora has represented some of the best editorial photography in the world. In the past two years Aurora has added commercial and advertising photography to the mix. The aim of the company is to grow balancing editorial and commercial images. The emphasis will always centered on quality imagery.